Expected Expectations

Just as I expected, the patch is taking longer than expected.

You may now call me, No Shit Sherlock or Captain Obvious. Both names I feel that I have rightfully earned.

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There are no two ways about it, my scanning skills suuuUck! But I am getting better at it. Understanding the difference between the different types of scanning probes and their proximity to one another which results in the object being found.

Last night I was actually having a good time scanning. Our system had three wormholes, one ladar sight, one gravimetric sight and three anomalies. If this is any indication about how poor my scanning skills are; it took me almost an hour and a half to scan down the five signature. After about an hour in, me not realizing how long I’ve been scanning, I can’t figure out why all my probes just disappeared.

Yes, I know, I’m smrt.

I had plenty of probes with me so no big deal. I hope my Corp-mates thank me in the morning! Scanning really isn’t that bad. Once my skills get higher and I upgrade my probe to a cheetah (or maybe a probing Loki?) life will be sweet.

Also, getting a better understanding of the description about wormhole. They aren’t as mysterious as they were about a month ago. I don’t have the feeling each time I jump through one I’ll never make it back anymore.

But anyway, hooray for scanning better!


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In anticipation

With CCP’s history of lateness and with the sudden “we’re not doing the update as schedule” I’ve made a point to stretch out my skill queue for as long as possible. I may get to play a bit Friday night and/Saturday morning but life is looking busy over the next week or so. The last thing I want to happen now is for CCP to update the game during the limited amount of game time I have and then find myself not training and unable to rectify that.

I’ve wanted to try out strategic cruisers for a while now but didn’t want to wait for Minmatar Cruiser to get to V. Now seemed like good motivation to train the 20 plus day skill.

The Loki looks awesome in the configuration that I picked out. When I can actually fit one I’ll post a picture.

About my Maelstrom; it preformed fantastically! My Corp made some great pointers on shield modules and rigs plus the eight Large projectile turrets put a good hurting on the sleeper battle ships. However sleeper cruisers were hit or miss, sleeper frigates were a whole bunch of just miss. I didn’t thank that I would be able to do anything about frigate so that’s no surprise but I thought that I’d be putting a bigger hurt on the cruisers. Obviously a refitting is in order; with eight turret slots I have a world hurt to explore.

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The thing about campers is

The thing about campers is that they usually are pretty unfamiliar with the place that they are camping. If they are familiar with it then they’ll probably go more boldly into an area and do some serious looking around instead of sitting on their collective asses waiting for me to show myself.

Last night we got a Hi-sec connection. When opportunity knocks, you answer. We had about 3 billion in goods that needed to be sold and limited time and mass to do it in.  I offered my assistance in moving things around but that would have required me having access to hangers I don’t current have access to.  I can understand being less than a month old in this Corp (and me telling them, when they hired me, that I’d steal from them if they turned out to be a bunch of jerk or jerk offs) that they would want me to prove myself a bit more before giving me access to countless sub-systems and T3 hulls.

It was also kind of pointless to do any scanning as the Hi-sec connection was the last signature available to our scanners.  Our static C4 had nothing in and honestly I just didn’t have it in me to scan.  So I went out into Hi-sec to buy some skill books, as luck would have it we were in a 1.0 system with a school in it, bonus!  I bought about 20 books and headed back to our wormhole.  Once on the other side I cloaked up and start moving off the wormhole back to k-space.

When I was about 200km out a shit appeared on the overview and then disappeared just as quickly.  I was in the process of informing the movers to stop where they were for the moment when 3… 4… 6… 8… 9 ships appeared.  At this point I’m almost shouting over coms to get safe and stay safe.  Also at about this point my wife come into the room to chat… I’ll just say that my wife is probably the most understanding woman in the whole universe because I was back to information gathering in under two minutes.

Megathron, Onyx, Drake x2, Purifier, Dramiel, Tengu x2 and Bhaalgorn.  Two corp-mates reported a different ship in two different areas so we were looking at about 11 assailants… all Russian.  Those guys have eyes everywhere it seems as we had been moving stuff for only about 15 minutes.

Anyway, the Onyx bubbled the WH.  Thankfully I got the word out before anyone tried to jump in.  Some pilots were stranded out in Hi-sec, but the pilots that were home traded for cloaky ships and join me at my vista distance view of their camp.  We began mustering a force to oppose them but we just didn’t have the pilots.  The guys out in Hi-sec began buying and fitting ships that they could jump home with in a two prong style attack but the numbers were just not coming out favorably enough for us to try.

We noticed that they were scanning with Sister Core Probes… so I guess that they might not have been looking for us but some quick ISK.  If that was the case though then why the Dramiel? Why the Onyx? The Bhaalgorn? The shit configuration for sleeper pew pew?  Crazy Russians.  That’s all I can say.  It wasn’t going to do them any good anyway as we had just polished off all of our signatures and anomalies.  We keep on top of that stuff, why do you think we had 3 B-isk worth of stuff we needed to sell?!  So the joke was on them; all of our pilots were in cloaked death and all they could do was “stick out thumb, insert into butt-hole”

I wound up having to log off due to Real Life reasons before I could witness any sort of resolution… I was pushing my wifes level of understanding after an hour of me saying “Just five more minutes!”  She really is awesome though!

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Battleship AWAY!!!

This morning at about 3:00 EvE time my skill queue finished that would put me into a battleship! A Maelstrom to be exact.  All of my Gunnery Skills are at or are nearing V as I write this post and my Shield skills are at IV or better.  My next endeavor is to strengthen my Drone skills as I will be taking on sleepers in my new Wormhole of a home.  I’ll be looking for the greatest amount of longevity possible without sacrificing firepower.

It is going to be an up-hill battle all the way but I’m sure that it will be fun non-the-less.  I’ll be very interested to see how my fit for my new Maelstrom turns out.  I’ll be sure to post it here; if I can remember to do so.

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Props to me… accept not really

As you may or may not know, I joined a new corporation which just so happens to reside in W-Space.  Last night I was able to hop on earlier than I am usually able.  I find my corp-mates in the process of scanning in our Static C4, then in a C2 then a C3.  Nothing much going on then out of nowhere over coms comes “Noctis & Tengu on D-scan!” less than a minute later one of my corps resolves the Noctis to be in one of the Signatures he had already book marked. Two corpies jump back home and I join their fleet in my Hound.  After I copy all the bookmarks from our shared can, I start the one, two, three jumps to where the Noctis is cleaning up.  D-scan shows that the Noctis and Tengu are still in the same location.  Fantastic! The three of us warp in at range and pause… Where’s the Tengu? Is it possible that he might have seem us on D-scan for the 0.28 seconds one of us was visible? Did he cloak? is the Noctis bait? Does he/she realise that there are 3 of us in Stealth Bombers? … the tengu is still on D-scan.  He can’t be cloaked, they must not have wanted to risk the sleepers popping the Noctis so it’s strictly on clean up duty.  Wonderful!

A plan is hatched; one moves to scram the Noctis, One blows it up and the last hides in wait for when the Tengu comes to avenge.  When executed, the scram didn’t even seem to be needed.  One volley from the each of us disintegrated the Shields, Armor and Hull of the Noctis.  Didn’t even use bombs just torpedoes’.  The capsule gets away which is fine by me as I’m not one to look forward to carry off a frozen corpse.

I have to admit that I was very satisfied with the total damage that I inflicted in my first ever PvP kill.  After which, I feel like this was somewhat hollow as this pilot really never had a chance.  Those feels don’t last too long though as a realize we are still waiting for a ship that is no longer on D-scan.

My Cloaky friend remains just that, my other friend cloaks and waits and I begin to loot the wrecks of first the Noctis; my hold is full before I even have a change to look at the sleeper wrecks that the Noctis pilot didn’t get to salvage… Still Orbiting, no Tengu.  The capsule is also gone from D-scan and the systems outer most planet is only 9 AU.  There are three WH in this system and we know that they did not come from our homes direction.

We split up; I take one WH, one takes the other and one stays at the place the Noctis died just in case we missed a WH and they come back.  No need for that though as soon as I jump through my WH D-scan shows 7 towers, 1 force field, 1 capsule and 1 Tengu.  A somewhat quick manipulations of D-scan puts them at the first moon of the eighth planet.

I warp in at 100 Km and watch as they both log off… well that’s it for tonight then.

Good Night!

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That’s Craaaazy!

The Majority of the EvE Blogging community is in an up roar; regarding topics that all seem to revolve around Incarna.  In fact some of my most favorite blog writers have emo-rage-quit the game because of what has been happening. Part of me needs to ask; Why? But I’ve read their blogs and I know why they are leaving.  It’s the web of lies that CCP has spun upon us in terms of their goals for micro-transactions.

The idea of Pay-to-Win is not something that sits well with me; Meaning that other than a monthly subscription I cannot justify spending addition money on a virtual world. Therefore I won’t; it’s as simple as that.  They can charge as much as they want for vanity or advantage items; I really don’t care.  It’s when they begin to offer items and/or services that cannot be acquired in any other way but through micro-transactions; that is when I have a problem with it.

They’ve given us the ability to pay for our subscription with in-game currency why not be able to pay for anything with in-game currency.  This Aurum thing is just a shame though.  For several years now we have been able to convert PLEX to ISK or vice-versa.  The two things that PLEX is good for is Game Time and ISK. One for the other, the other for one. But now converting a PLEX to Aurum is a one way street. You can no longer exchange that currency.  You can’t even directly convert ISK to Aurum.  But CCP says that eventually the items available in the Nobel Exchange will filter onto the market, so Aurum will be indirectly convertible to ISK just as ISK is indirectly convertible to Aurum.  PLEX, ISK and now Aurum are all constant currencies in the EvE universe; why not make then all directly trade-able.

It is understandable that different societies in the world, or a universe in our chase, would have divergent currencies and those currencies are always directly exchangeable.  Why must we jump through hoops to change ISK to Aurum and the less stable change from Aurum to ISK.

This is such a f#(&*^% head ache.  I can’t wait to see what CCP does with this mess that has been generated.

Long story short;  If some moron wants to spend a couple hundred dollars on a Battleship and its fitting then not train the skills required to do it right and he/she just so happens to quit the game because they just blew $200 on an internet fireworks display; that is not my problem.  That person should have realized that this is still EvE; it is a place where money does not decide who wins and who looses.  EvE is a place where those who think first and act quickest win.  Putting all the money you want into the game isn’t going to make you smarter or faster. It only makes CCP richer; and if that happens then maybe they’ll start fixing all that crap they have been telling us that they would fix.

Here’s to dreams!

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Woo Hoo!!

So after several days, 23 jumps and 3 Wormhole systems; I’ve finally made it to the home of my new Corporation. It was late and only one other dude was on but I made it! After pulling into the force field and looking at all of the snazzy stuff that is now available to me; I couldn’t help but think, “neat!”. And then I went to bed.
Tonight is a bust for EvE time cause of my personal life. Tomorrow will probably be a bust as well, again cause of my personal life but Saturday. Oh yeah that’ll be a good day… At least until the evening when my personal life pops in again.

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W-Space… Sure I’ll give it a try!

I must have A.D.D.  I need to be doing something different every day or I tend to get bored.  PI was awesome when it first came out but when I finally understood the basics and had everything working well.  CCP changed it on me and I had to start over, a couple more days of fiddling and a petition later, it’s no longer a priority.  CCP made find and getting missions from agents more easy. I thought “Hooray! I don’t need to transport my loots anymore.  I can just mission in my home system!” Until I started doing the same mission over and over and over again.  Missioning was always a lonely jog anyway.  We got to play with a really incredible character creator; Sarnel has never been more beautiful in her current iteration (this is her fifth).  Now that we have Incarna; she looks like she has shelf boobs. 😦 Sad face.

I took a break to think about what I wanted out of my entertainment experience.

1. I wanted to be able to interact with people in a community effort.

2. I wanted to be able to make ISK while doing so

3. I didn’t want to know what the next day was going to bring.

This set of criteria completely eliminates High-sec; as there are very defined rules on how any operation can be conducted. This also eliminated Low-sec as it is just High-sec’s unruly little brother.  Slightly more free but still limited in how I’m allowed to move.  Null-sec… Sov and lag warfare. I’m going to have to say no to that.

So what does that leave me to go? W-Space! You need to work as a group out there; the adventures are difficult and the player threats are unknowns.  At the end of the day your whole corp comes home at the risk of being as lost as EvE can make you.  The ISK potential abounds in W-Space regardless of what you do there.  Anomalies, Signature Sights, PI, Mining, “ratting” or PvP all hold great potential rewards.  I must stress Potential, I cannot stress it enough.  Lastly it’s unknown space; every day you don’t know who is going to be one jump away.  You could find more emptiness, the largest fleet you’ve ever seen or anything in between.

So I have left my long dead Mercenary Corporation and joined an existing Wormhole Corporation. From the short amount of time that I have gotten to spend with this new group of individuals has certainly been entertaining to say the least.  In short I was accused of being a Corporation Infiltrator and my digital genitals were shaved.  This is going to be one awesome ride!

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Man I suck

I haven’t post in more than a month; again.  Yes I am still playing EvE.  No, it isn’t as much as I would like it to be.  As much as I like living in a real house with property around it; it’s taking up a boat load of my time.  Couple that in with having a baby on the way, I am actually surprised that I do get to play as often as I do.

POS update:

I’m still working on that, all-be-it slowly,  I have decided to stock pile fuels before I anchor a POS.  I’m still shooting for a large of some sort and to pile up about a years worth of fuels as I’m a huge procrastinator and my POS would probably run out of something every month otherwise.

I’ve decided to take a hit on my income and not sell my PI stuffs and keep if to help bolster my stock piles.  In addition to that the whole agent nerf has work to my advantage and I’m able to pull in more ISK in a more convenient place also to help bolster my stock piles.  Running missions is more fun now, knowing that I’ll always get to blow something up.


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