A Second Time Newb in EVE

So… Where to begin? How about some History? My original characters name in EVE was A12965, he was Gallente Intaki. I started him on a trail account some time in 2005 with every intention of continuing on with a fully paid account. I wish I had, subscriptions were only $10 a month and you could purchase subscriptions in 1, 3, 6 or 12 months at a shot. But sadly no, I did not carry on as several of my friend talked me into playing another MMO which will not be named. I wasted almost 2 years of my life in that grind and to this day I am disappointed in myself for letting it drag out for so long. So, after I finally washed my hands of that other world, I returned to EVE. To my surprise A12965 was still alive and well. He had been a member of the Starter corp for almost 2 year and he only had about 400,000 skill points under his belt. Both of these facts generated massive amounts of laughter in the systems I was tooling around. I finally got a real player corp to take me on and show me a few thing but I was still missing out on a lot. I was able to play for about 7 months straight before I lost my job at the beginning of 2008. It was time to cut out what I could to save as much as possible because I was also getting married in the summer of that year. Thankfully I was able to gain employment so that my wedding could stay on track but I was unable to return to EVE due to the decreased income of my new job. In leaving out the majority of the details we now come to the present; I am employed well enough that my wife and I have some extra cash each month that I am very gratefully putting into EVE. I decided that A12965 had lived long but accomplished little, therefore I am beginning again. My resurrection has brought me to a Minmatar female named Sarnel Binora; she is fearsome and intelligent; I will need every ounce of her strength and skill to traverse the new wonders EVE has come to offer in my absence.

The objective of this blog is for my own chronicle; if anyone takes humor in it, I’ll be fine with that. If anyone takes it as advice, shame on them, they should know better. If anyone takes offence, just remember, every bit of this blog is from my perspective, not yours.

I hope to keep this blog up to date but I usually get horribly side tracked as I am an addict of almost everything that is not illegal. Until I post again; See ya’round Cowboy.

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