Care Bear What?

Since my return, I’ve been hearing the word “care bear” being used to describe a certain variety of people.  I was under the impression that a “care bear” was a fluffy little bear like creature with magical powers of friendship and love; that definition didn’t seem to completely fit in the instances that I observed them so I did a little hunting around the internet to get a feel for its meaning the MMO world. I came across the site “”.  I thought it was very interesting the way the defined this term.  Apparently it is a term that PvPers throw around at anyone who doesn’t PvP; which is typically in a negative manor.  So, on the above mentioned site the third definitions use of “care bear” in a sentence sums up my feelings on the use of that word as I do not currently PvP nor do I complain to anyone if I happen to get blown up and loose a bunch of stuff.  PvP is an imbedded part of EVE; it would not be what it is without PvP.  I would never want PvP removed from the game and CCP did a fantastic job of incorporating it into New Eden.

In Conclusion: To all PvPers; keep on PvPing as your eventual and continual deaths bring profits for those in industry.  To all those that do not participate in PvP, stop bitching about it; if you are in anything under 0.5 then your fair game even if you’re in or above 0.5 you still aren’t completely safe.  That is part of the reason why CCP gave us insurance and clones.  Just keep both of them up to date and everything else can be replaced.  Until next time, See ya’round Cowboy

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