My Current History

Well, a lot has happened since my last post (over a month ago). When last I left you I had made the move to low sec. After only a short time there it was clear that I wasn’t wanted. I system I had chosen for mission purposes already had a PvP Corp in it and they didn’t like a “care bear” infuses space. I avoided them for the most part and even held my own once or twice but they finally got me. It was really my own fault. They scanned down my mission and were there waiting for me when I got back. There was only one guy and he was flashing red but I like the moron that I an just said hi and ignored, because I forgot that one could be targeted without knowing it. So I congratulated him on the easy kill and I left low sec in my capsule. I returned a few days later to gather up the equipment I left there. At the time I didn’t have an iddy trained so I had to make several trios in my Rifter. They were still there and still annoyed that I hadn’t totally left, I didn’t bother to tell them that I was in the process of leaving. I think that just would have egged them on. But warping to zero and knowing where I wanted to go before leaving the station allowed me to get out with all my stuff.

Since then I’ve been expanding my horizons. I stepped into PI and gotten better at scanning, using some techniques learned from pirate blogs. I don’t hunt people yet but I do scan down cosmic signature. It’s takes a bit of effort but as a “new” player making about a million ISK per site scanned that’s pretty good I’d say. Due to learning how to scan. I’ve also learned hacking, archeology, and I can fly a mining barge now. I’m not getting into Ladar sites (gas clouds) though. I also manufacture Fusion projectile rounds for sale and use and I sell the water, and bacteria that I make with PI.

I’m currently in a 0.6 system in the Amar empire as I found an agent there for the Minmatar republic that had a quality of 15 and now my standing with him is over 7 all the missions he gives me are worth over 200k ISK and they usually do t take me any more than 20 minutes per. Not including the salvaging which I do after in the iddy I trained after leaving low sec.

I’ve been enjoying kill the Sansha where ever I find them. They are easy targets for my Rifter. It really is a fantastic little ship. It’s a cap stable shield tank now with 3 250 mm howitzers. It’s completely fit for missions so if I ever had to take it up against a player I don’t think it would fair well agains a real PvPer. I need to more skills up to be able to hold out against a real threat. But there is just so much to do and to learn. It is difficult to remain focused as I want to do everything. Even PvP someday. I’ve been ready a lot of other peoples blogs and their different styles of life in EVE and the only thing that doesn’t sound like fun it being a trader.

Well it’s time for me to take part in the major reason why I don’t blog much, which would be to play EVE. As much fun I have writing about it. It is way better to be playing!

I’ll see ya’round Cowboy

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