Yes I can be retarded too

So yesterday I decided to take a look at contacts as another blogger mentioned that every now an then they are able to make a fair amount of ISK from other peoples stupidity. I wasn’t looking at anything special. Just loaded up all the item exchanges of my current region and started poking around. Not long after I came across a Multi Item contract and looked inside. What I found in there made my heart start pounding. It was 5 Harbinger blueprints for under 2 mil. (Here is where my inner retard took full control.) I accepted right there then went to the broker and saw several buy orders for over 30 mil each; right click “sell this item”… “You cannot sell this item on the broker.” Wait… what?! Yup they were copies. If anyone is actually reading this then they will probably know what just happened but if anyone doesn’t, here goes. In EVE there are two different types of blueprints: originals, which can be used infinitely and can be sold on the market. And then there are copies, cheap knock offs of originals. Yes they will still produce fine quality merchandise but they have limited available runs and even when “new” cannot be sold on the market. To make matters worse. Each of these 5 blueprints only had one run left on them. Ouch.

How did this happen? Is what I asked myself. Well first of all I didn’t adhere to a fundament law of business, if it seems to good to be true, then it is. Second, I didn’t take the 5 seconds that I should have to look at the actual blueprints; which would have told me, plain as day, if it was a copy or not. But I didn’t.

And that is my story about one of the many ways a capsular can be a retard.

Good day.

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