First taste of PVP

The day started out normal enough. I was jet can mining so that I could get enough ore that that I could build one of those crappy harbingers and make my money back. Things were going well and I was just waiting for my strip miners to finish their cycle before I began to haul it back to the station. Before I know it. A red shows up and yolks the ore out of my can… Shit, should have seen that one coming; I’ve only been reading about other pilots doing that for the past couple of days but did I learn anything. Not yet as it appears. So I start up a conversation with him saying something along the lines of “Can I do something for you thief?”. Not very witty I know, it’s sound extremely care bearish the moment I hit enter. But he didn’t respond for about 4 minutes and I’m getting more and more pissed. By this time I’m already heading back to the station to get my Rifter when one of his buddies starts making fun of me in local for mining in a retriever… As my account is less than 50 days old. I didn’t really see how it could be possible for me to be in a hulk. Skills trained for it maybe, to be able to afford one? Far from it. So I inform him of my account age and he said something along the line of well that’s ok then, just as long as you don’t stop there… What ever. Then the thief starts talking. I ask him if he give me my ore back. Ignored. The Rifter is jumping to the belt and when I land. He’s still there, now heading for another miner. (why he didn’t GTFO when he say my can get flipped I’ll never know) but i approach at for speed. My heart is hammering as I click target. I active my shield booster and my damage control. It’s all good, the Rifter is a cap stable little ship in my hands and my foe is in another frigate I didn’t bother looking to see what it’s name was. I still don’t think he was taking me seriously as I had him targeting and was firing on him while he was still approaching the other miner. Now my Rifter is mission fit as I have never PVPed before, ever. We being an exchange of fire. My tank is hold and he shields are dropping. We continue to orbit one another my tank is still holding and his shields are still dropping. This is where the the tide turns, I believe he started taking me seriously when I got into his armor and my shield was still holding. He closed his orbit and sped up dramatically. My howitzers where having trouble tracking him but 2 out of 3 hit each cycle. Then his guns started hitting harder but began missing. My shield would drop way down the build back up and drop, build, drop, build and so on. All the while I’m still picking away at his armor. My builds start getting shorter and shirt even though he doesn’t have any neuts; he starts cutting into my armor. Not good, it’s time to GTFO… warp disrupted… Fuck, I’m toast. I had three 250 mm howitzers with fusion ammo which has always served me well. But this guy had a MWD, a warp disrupter, and enough firepower to pop my ship. I was spamming the warp button just as my Rifter exploded so my pod got out safely with me inside. The thief drops a “gf” in local. I reply “indeed”. He said my little ship handled itself well and he was going to give me my ore back for first asking nicely then putting up a good fight.

There are some good lessons to learn here: First, if your going to go up against someone who is looking for a fight, know what they will most likely use against you. There are tons of PVP bloggers out there. I’m actually a fan of “My Loot Your Tears” and “Aggressive Tendencies”. There are literally mountains to be learned from these pilots. Second, don’t use a jet can for mining if you’re alone. It’s just begs being flipped. Whether they are gutsy, like my thief, or more like a ninja. If someone else wants it and your alone they are going to get it. Third, asking nicely can still be a means of resolution. Now I’m not saying it will work every time or at all but this thief seemed to have takes notice and it played into his decision. Kindness is never over rated. Fourth, if you are mining and you see another miners can get flipped, GTFO.

Good night.

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One Response to First taste of PVP

  1. Baa says:

    Well done for taking the fight to them. The lesson to be learned is that PVP fit != PVE fit. You’ll probably have found that they were overloading their guns as well to take you down as quickly as possible.

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