Ship fitting

Since my tussle with the thief; I’ve been mulling over different fittings for my Rifter. I’m thinking I might go back to auto-cannons. They use less of my power grid and do a little more DPS. However the obvious drawback is the range. It’s about half of my artillery. I’ve purchased a better shield booster, better damage control… Better everything, which includes ship modifications. My efforts here are to make the ship cap stable with less. I don’t have the wallet size to be able to afford the best yet but someday I will be able to afford it and fit it because those are two totally different animals. But I have strayed off of my orginal thought path.

As I’m at work and writing this from my phone I don’t have my fitting details but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to add a rocket launcher to my previous fit, which of course would increase my DPS. We’ll have to wait and see though.

Peace… Not really

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