Traveling in EvE

Yesterday morning, I woke up earlier than I usually do before I had to leave for work. Even after I finished all of my morning preparations I still had about 20 minutes before downtime. I figure that would give me just enough time scout through 4 low sec systems and get to the other side where I had left a hauler. You’re probably wondering why I would attempt to run a hauler through 4 low sec systems. Well, it’s a matter of time; 4 jumps, even through low sec, is much less than 23 jumps through high sec.

Anyway, I haven’t gotten that far into the story. I’m scouting the low sec systems in a shuttle… Yes a shuttle. I land on the second to last gate before getting out of low sec when my shuttle starts taking damage while still in warp. I’m within range to jump the gate so I start hammering the jump button. The system message goes instantly from, me in my shuttle, “You cannot do that while in warp” (shit shit shit) to, me in my pod, “session change is already in progress.” (fuck fuck fuck)

Stupid bombs

I wake up many jumps away in high sec and I’m not a happy camper, but life goes on in EvE and so must I.

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