EvE on an old laptop… Fail!

I’m on something of a mini vacation right now; so I’m away from my self built, custom, almost super, power house of a computer. I knew that there would be times on this mini vacation that my significant other would be occupied by things that did not involve me directly, so I decided to bring along my work laptop. It has always severed me well in that fashion and due to my paranoia I’m sure it will for quite some time.

I loaded the EvE client onto it earlier today so that I could update my PI’s… Wow is really all I have to say. It took several minutes for this laptop just to load the EvE client and just under 2 minutes to load the first planet view.

Mind you that I wasn’t flying through Internet space at this point in time, my ship was sitting peacefully in a station not doing anything at all.

Now I began to restart my harvesters and when I’d click, it would take about 30 seconds for anything to happen. Anyone who has ever played around with PI will know that it is very click intensive.

About 20 minutes later I had a little more than half my harvesters restarted… On the first planet. At which point my laptop decided that the EvE client was too much for it to handle and collapsed under it’s weight in a fit of crying emo rage by shutting down without warning… Really?! Did it just actually emo-rage-quit-fail on me?! Yes, yes it did. DAG-NAB-IT!

Well so much for updating PI while on vacation. I’m just glad that I set my skills to train for more than a day after I would be getting home; at the very least I won’t loose training time.

btw, I’ve given up on a trademarked signature sign off, the one I had seemed pretty fruity and someone else was already using it. I shall hence forth being known as the blog with out a witty signing off signature.

It’s over now… Really.

I mean it.

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