Fun With Scanning

Not too long ago, Khalia Nestune published this post: How To Quickly Find An Offline POS.  It looked like it would be a fun short of cat and mouse game to find offline POS’s; because I thought that people would want to take better care of their investments.  However, after I went though the setting up of my tabs and I start a D-Scan in my home system.  I counted the number of POS’s, which was a number that pretty much shocked me as it was well over 50.  Then I counted the number of force fields not really paying attention because again I assumed that players would either want to protect their investment or try to cash out of it.  But anyway my initial count of force fields was less than 40.  I said to myself “Self, that can’t be right, you counted wrong.  Do it again!” So I counted again still less than 40… WOW. Now that is amazing.  I started pinning down the offline towers and most of them were just small ones that people either; put there as place holders or some noob was trying it out then left the game. But, there were two in the more than a dozen that were of the larger variety with about a dozen modules each.  Strait up sale value came out to be around 500 M ISK… I think I need to change my underwear.  Now this was 2 towers put together, so it is below the threshold that the Honorless Internet Jerks set forth, but I should still be able to take these towers down, with the help of my corp. Then we can either keep the modules or sell them or some combination of the two.  I’m looking forward to this endeavor, taking part in an unscripted portion of the EvE universe is always exciting… and maybe we’ll get some people pissed off at us too 🙂

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One Response to Fun With Scanning

  1. Paul Clavet says:

    Sounds like you’re on the right track! Keep us updated on your progress.

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