EvE Market Place

With the introduction of Planetary Interaction (PI) we have been given a massive amount of new commodities to trade and use for manufacturing.  There are currently 5 grades of products that can be produced for PI: Raw Materials, Processed Materials, Refined Products, Advanced Products and Specialty Products.  They may be more commonly known as: raw, P1, P2, P3 and P4 products.

I’m sure that anyone who reads this, understands that basic terminology.  That same person might think that this maybe a blog about how fantastic the new PI commodities are in the market place.  It is not.

I have been playing around with PI since it went live on Tranquility; I know that there are players out there that started playing with it on the test server; but I don’t think the test server could reflect an actual EvE environment.  Now, with all of that being said, here are my findings.

I started my third colony on an Ice Planet in a low sec system with an Improved Command Center and began collecting Aqueous Liquid and refining it into Water.  After several iterations, which I will not go into depth about, I am able to produce just over 6M ISK per week from this one planet.  With each unit of Water currently at about 300 ISK this setup was working well and I began making plans to move my first two colonies into this same system and so I began checking out the different types of planets in this system.  I discovered that I could make a whole P4 product in this one system while only needing to purchase one raw material or P1 Product.  I figured that after I trained Command Center Upgrades to V and Interplanetary Consolidation to V, I could start a full assembly of the P4 production line and crank out one per hour indefinitely as long as I could continue to supply the one resource my system didn’t proved.  This meant that I would be producing about 7.2M ISK per day in P4 products.  So I started breaking the P4 down to its raw materials and discovered that I would need 288,000 total to make one P4 Product…  That meant that I would have to produce 24k per hour of each material needed for most and 48k per hour for some.  Ouch, rough calculations put max output for 6 Elite Command Centers on these respective worlds around 100k per hour without having to interact with a potential 72 extractors on more than a daily basis.  Ergo, production of a P4 product just got cut by about two-thirds (2.4M ISK per day)

Granted 2.4M ISK per day doesn’t seem that bad considering that it would take about 30 to 40 minutes out of my game time to keep it running.  But I could also take those raw materials that I was going to use to make P4’s and sell them at an average of 2 ISK and without production facilities extraction would increase, pushing my daily income to almost 6M ISK.  But that would be approximately 190 extractors that would need daily attention; on average of 30 seconds per extractor, I’d be looking at 95 minutes per day just to keep to products flowing.  Plus the fact that an Elite Command Center, without a Launch Pad, can only support 23 Extractors which means one character can only support 138 Extractors max! So I would need at least one Alt and all of that doesn’t even include transport time.

My conclusion to PI is that the Market Place has yet to fully adjust to the players taking hold of so many commodities all at once.  As for me, it will never be something that I will be able to get more than a couple million ISK per week out of, which is the equivalent of mission running in my opinion.  That being said, I believe that it is now more resolutely, my personal mission to become a pirate.

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