Scanning Fail

Last evening I was playing with the directional scan when picking up my Planetary Lauch Containers from a colony I’m moving.  I was sitting right next to my Lauch Container and D-Scan didn’t see it.  I thought that this was odd so I began looking through the Overview settings so that I could turn it on… It doesn’t exist. You cannot, as of this moment, D-scan a Planetary Launch Container. The only thing under PI in the Overview settings is the customs office.  What BS is this? And I don’t mean BattleShip.  We are given the ability to see everything in the creation in EvE with Directional Scan and we are also given every opertunity and tool to steal and plunder from other players but we’re not allowed to even look at Planetarty Launch Containers?!

The only thing that can be said is Fail.

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