What I Might do to Improve the Game

This post at Ecliptic Rift, aside from a grizzly picture, asks the question “What one feature could be really great?”  I had hurriedly commented on the first thing that had popped into my head, which was the crafting aspect of the game.  It wasn’t organized very well and probably makes for a difficult read so I decided to repost my thoughts about it on my own blog! ( makes sense right? )

This Post by CCP Xhagen gave a very good outline as to how CCP likes to view new thoughts; even if it didn’t intent to.  They call them stories; but what they actually are, is completely different.  Each story is a single sentence.  If you think about this concept for a moment, a single sentence can’t give much detail; unless you happen to use a Victorian writing style, which would allow you to continue on for many lines without ending the sentence; but still maintain a steady flow with proper punctuation.  But I don’t think that was what CCP Xhagen was getting at.  A single sentence allows you to convey a thought born from imagination which then fuels the imagination of the listener(s).  Having extremely detailed volumes of an idea tend to generate more questions than they would foster wonderment.  Now, with all of that being said; I have been working on this post for sometime but CCP Xhagen’s post, unintentionally, forced me to change the styling of it.  So, without further ado, please continue reading.

As a player, who loves complexity, I can refine and combine metals into alloys, which will change their innate properties.

As a player, who likes things simple, the ability to refine and combine metals into alloys doesn’t affect my work unless I want it to.

As a ship, I don’t care how I’m made, but refined metals and alloys can make me faster, stronger, lighter and/or help me pack a heavier punch.

As a player, I will have the ability to “Tinker” with a ship that I’m building to improve or focus its strengths; and then create blue prints from “Tinkered” ships that I like.

As a player, I can manually cycle my warp drive without being aligned to anything.

As a player, I can shut my warp drive down at any point during its operation.

As CCP, I will endeavour to introduce new and innovative ships with each expansion.

I think the previous lines were originally several paragraphs each, but reading each one over and over again lets my imagination fly… In internet space ships 🙂

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