Evasive Maneuvers

Being a member of a mercenary corporation is a fun life in terms of cat and mouse.  Sometimes you’re the cat and other times, you’re the mouse.  Also being that we are a small MC, individuals or corporations tend to hire larger MC’s to try to kick us around.  We don’t really care much about this as our home base isn’t where people usually hang out; our ranks are typically scattered.  Either by design or coincidence I’m not in a position to say.

But on occasion, outside of a hunt, we come together and sometimes we linger.  Apparently during one of these times we were being watched and followed or someone was extremely skillful with their agents.  In three different systems in which our pilots were docked; stations were camped.  In particular, mine.  Fortunately for me this station was one of the places that I called home.  I had safes and insta-warps from all stations.  I was in a Thrasher which was PvE fit, so it wasn’t the best in terms of defenses.  My home system is a market hub so I decided to have a little fun.  I didn’t want to risk an interceptor so I bought a cheap Slasher and fit a Micro Warp Drive to it.  That plus my other skills allowed me to move along at 3.5 km/s, give or take.  Not super fast I know, but fast enough.

I undock, I see a Rupture and a Hurricane and I immediately which to plan “B”.  What was plan “A” you ask?  Not a good idea, that’s what plan “A” was.  Plan “B” on the hand had the potential for much fun. So back we go to the story.

I choose to use my insta-warp for this station and I move out to around 300 km.  It would appear that they were expecting this, as they followed; they landed about 50 km behind me.  (Note to self “Move insta-warp farther out”)  I counter this by warping to a safe along the path to one of the gates.  They follow again; I have to admit at this point they are right on my tail.  But as I drop out of warp I can see them shoot right past.  I align to the gate, pull up D-scan and watch them jump through… interesting, they must not have checked local before they jumped.

Anyway, I wait for a longer period of time than I thought it would taken them to come back into the system and they go right back to camping the station that I was in.  Before I tell you the rest of this story, I have two little facts I’d like to share.  The first being the name of my little Slasher is “Bait – Chase This!”.  Second, Remember this is a system that I call home; the station they are currently camping has 5 warp-to points around it, in addition to the insta-warp for undocking, ranging from 200 km out to 500 km.

I pick one of my warp-to points and I land about 250 km from the station.  Now, I don’t know if they were confused or if they just weren’t paying attention again but it took them almost a minute to start for me.  I’m just sitting there watching and waiting.  Once they get to 100 km I warp to what I call a Super Safe (created by choosing some completely random direction and traveling until you are at least 12,000 km from anything)

After allowing them to contemplate that for a minute or two; I choose another random warp-to point.  I land 300 km on the other side of the station from where we were before.  I look for my stalkers and one of them is still burning in the direction of the place I just left.  It’s another minute before they realize that I’m back.  The one that was moving back to the station exit reacts first and starts to burn towards me, the other one warps to the station, putting him ahead of the first guy.  This doesn’t do him much good as he’s still 300 km away.  So I wait again, and as they approach the 200 km mark I had an idea.  I align to the first point I warped to; yes I know that I’m head right at them now.  I hold my alignment until I get to the very edge of their targeting distance (assuming maximum target skills would put both of them around 56 to 57 km) I warp at 60 km. I’m now almost 500 km away and I wait to see if the first guy had enough foresight to bookmark my first warp in point.  Either he didn’t or he forgot that he did as they both started moving in my direction again.  More waiting ensues.

At this point while I’m waiting again, I can’t help but chuckle at the fact that they are continuing to chase me.  They had to have noticed my ships name by now and yet after almost half an hour they continue to chase me.  Oh well I’ll never claim to understand how other people think.

They are approaching my position; I decide to give them half a chance and I hold until they reach 50 km, then 45 km, then 40 km.  I know that I could have been passive locked, but no lock appeared.  If they were using passive lock then it was a waste of a mid slot as their names are flashing red.  So I warp to another point along the path to another gate and when I land and see them pass me I log out and I go to bed with a smile on my face.

Ah, Internet spaceship antics 🙂

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