PI Update

I actually have not done much in the way of Planetary Interactions since the last time I spoke about it, but I would like to share some observations about my endeavours.

I now have four planets all in one system in Low Sec space. A barely touched system which I will not name because I would like to remain barely touched.  Two Ice worlds and two Gas giants.  Each world only has an Improved Command Center as I have put my skill training efforts to other thing.

There is definitely something to be said for the “physical” size of the world on which you are building.  It looks as though all of the worlds are the same size when in the Planet view mode and also when placing structures.  the planets size only really becomes apparent when make links.  I was looking at the sizes of planets trying to determine if a larger world would have a larger cycle extraction number simply bwcause of its size.  I does seem to be that way; however, due to the size of the planet the Power and CPU usage of my links didn’t allow me to have as many structures even though I placed all of them as close to one another as possible. So with a balanced system of extractors and processors, with similar extractions rates as other smaller planets, the larger planet has a 20% reduction in production due to the increase “cost” of links.

In summation:

PI currently generates about 20M isk per week with only about 5 minutes of interaction per day.

Larger Planets do seem to yield larger payloads.

Larger planet consume more power, therefore your Extraction/Production capacity drops.

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