Spam Sucks!

This post is directed that those stupid Internet Spam engines that just make me want to jump off the face of the planet.  The worst part about this rant is that the object of my rage will never know it because it is a mechanism. 

Today when I logged into WordPress, I noticed that my daily view graph was at least 7 times higher than it usually is over the weekends.  So I take a few minutes to investigate as 99% of the view were for my EvE Online System Requirements Post.  No references from search engines and no incoming links… That’s pretty odd.  I look at the breakdown of websites from which the views came.  All except for three were spam.  Mostly from loan companies with some Viagra mixed in there; it just makes me incredibly sad.  I don’t really care that people don’t read this blog much.  It’s much more for me than it is for anyone else.  But if you count the fact that 99% of my views are from spammers and every day I need to delete anywhere from 3 to 50 spam comments that the spam filter didn’t catch and the only real comments I get are pink backs (75% of all my inbound comments are ping backs) with an average page view time of 0.21 seconds… It just makes me to want to quit.

Like I said before, I don’t care if no one reads my blog, I just want the spam to stop.

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