Surprised my Socks Off! … and other stuff

Last night I log in to find about a half dozen War Target in system with me.  No surprise there, considering that past few days.  I was in my thrasher again, (I do enjoy my little destroyer) but I wasn’t in a station this time.  I’ve made it a habit of warping to one of my Super Safes and logging off there, so I don’t get stuck in a station again.  I warp to my main station at about 350 km off.  5 blinky red names were there just waiting.  Decision time; do I stay and play or do I go and play?  I decided that 5 might be too much to play with, so I head out to my PI system for a bit of ratting.  When I jump the gate, I had one of those moments.  You might know what I’m talking about.  A moment that the only thing you can think is “W T F?”

In my little untouched system, the maximum number of people I’ve ever seen in it has been 12.  Last evening however, this system hosted closer to 60.  In addition to that, accept for the normal few, they were all red and blinky.  What to do now?  Well, when in Rome… be a dick!

First a bit of back story; this is another system that I would call “Home”.  There are no stations but I had safes and super safes off of all of the planets.  Even if they were searching for me, which, I’m sure they were not; they would never have been able to keep up with my movements… To the shenanigans!

I could help but notice that there was a Cynosural Field active; we now have our first point of contact.  Cautiously I warp in at 100 km, I notice that there is only one ship so I warp off.  Then warp back in at 10 km, I start to orbit the Helios Covert Ops Frigate at that range. After about 30 seconds I warp off again.  I wait a minute or so and warp back in at 5 km and orbit.  Local has been silent accept for the occasional “gf”.  I warp off. And back in at 20 km. I pick a point in space right behind him and I head for it, I engage my Micro Warp Drive and begin to target him.  After he is locked, I buzz right past him and warp off to a safe.

It was my intention to harass these individuals as best as I could but after a few more minutes they all left the system and it was back down to its normal half dozen or so capacity.  Which way did they go?  I couldn’t say; nor do I care.  I exported all my goods and started ratting the belts; mmm battle cruisers everywhere.  Good hunting!

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