Death :-( Almost

Over the weekend I was able to play the game more than I have been able to in recent history.  And surprise surprise, we were being camped again.  This time it was only by one guy (and I use guy in its genderless form as it was a female toon) so I figured no big deal, I’ve eluded these guys before and had some fun, I’ll do the same tonight.  But I didn’t feel up to shenanigans so I just ignored her.  First I started working for a new agent about 3 jumps away and she had lost my trail after the first system.  After I got bored with that agent (and the pay) I decided to head back “home” to prep some PI stuff.  As I am passing through my “home” system I notice that the girl is still in the system.  I don’t know if she was waiting for me or if she had other War Targets there but no one else from my corporation was on, so I’m going to assume that she was waiting for me.  A scorned loved maybe?  I have no idea.

I go about my business, with my Planetary Interactions and head back to pick up my hauler.  I land on the game to where “home” is and she is there along with another red blinky type.  Since I warped in at zero I jump through and dock up.   They follow me into the system and try to wait me out…They almost got close as I was about to go stir crazy from not being able to talk with any corp-mates.

But they leave, I jump in my hauler and had back out to my planets to pick up my goods.  It took my four trips and on the last trip I land on the game to my “home” system and there she is again.  Suck.  Jump the gate and dock up with my last bit of goods.  She follows again.  Persistent little booger.  I still don’t care for shenanigans so I hope in my PvE Destroyer and head out to my killing fields.  Once again she is eluded and I blew up my first Battleship!  Granted it was an NPC but I still think that it’s impressive… let me have my moment dam-it!

I head back home and when I Jump gate to my “home” system; blink redness.  Crap, I figured something like this might happen.  As I’m sitting there cloaked, I watch her orbit at fantastic speeds.  I look to see what sort of ship she is in and it is a Dramiel.  I have never come up against this ship before but from the things that I’ve heard, they are not to be trifled with.  So what do I do?  I break my cloak and target her.  She had me targeted before I had her target, that’s crazy by itself.  Then she starts hitting me for 100 HP per hit, not so much that I couldn’t compensate for it but she was out of range for my auto cannons and was moving far too fast for me to close in.  My little destroyer can move about at over 2,000 meters per second too.

After about 30 seconds, I’m guessing that she saw that I could take her hits; so he pulled out some drone… I’m boned.  I start to align out, she rams me.  My shields are dropping, I try to align again, and she rams me again.  I get in a couple hits while she rams me but nothing worth talking about.  In under a minute, my little destroyer became bait for space whales and my pod warped out o the safety of a station where I decided it was time to purchase an Assault Frigate.


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