I need to Upgrade my Scanning abilities… For Realzies.

Well well well,  haven’t I been away for some time now?  RL work has been heavy due to cut backs and Home life has been stressed cause me and the wife are trying to buy a house so that hasn’t left much time for EvE at the end of the day.  I did get online a bit over this past weekend… only to get myself stuck in Worm Hole Space.


I didn’t bother to check the status of the Worm Hole I was passing through as I was just going to take a peep.  So I jumped through bookmarked the Worm Hole and looked at some planets.  They were interesting enough, but not enough better than my current PI system to consider moving it.  So I decided to turn around and head back home… only when I turn around the Worm Hole isn’t there anymore.  Suck.  I check my bookmark and I’m sure that it isn’t there. Double Suck.  I whip out the scan probes and start probing.  First time around about a dozen Anomalies and Signatures. 

I begin to pick and choose based on random crap I’ve heard about WHS, first that Worm Holes usually appear near the center of the system.  That didn’t turn out to be true for me, because the first Worm Hole I found ( after about an hour of scanning ) took me to a place much closer to the outer rings than the center of the system.  I just through that Worm Hole and find myself in more WHS.  Triple Suck.  I just back through to avoid being buried deeper than I already was.  After another hour or so of scanning with no other Worm Holes to be found I logged out in aggravation.

I brought up Google and started reading about WHS… obviously there was a lot that I did not know.  After I had some lunch and settled my brain a bit I launched EvE again and started Scanning once more.  I was finding more Worm Holes faster but they all led deeper or to Null Sec.  I figured I’d wait a bit and try out some of the sites in this system.

The first, site I landed at 100 cause I didn’t know what to expect.  There were some cruisers but mostly frigates… before I know it I’m under fire, I start to warp out after the second hit cuts away half of my armor.  Just before I warp I look at the over head and all of the ships were still over 100 km away.  Totally unreal.  I log out for a bit to calm ny nerves again and when I come back, I still cannot find an exit to Low Sec or better.  So in an “I’m a slow learner” moment; I decide to take a look at another site.

The genius that I am forgets to warp in at 100 and instead I drop in at zero. After I realize my mistake, I immediately start to warp out.  This time, it appeared to be all frigates and I escaped with 2/3 of my shield intact… I think that I’ve learned to stay out of the Sites in WHS, for the time being.

I had to go meet some family but when I got back I started scanning with a vengeance and I started to be a bit more daring, if I couldn’t find a good exit in this place, I would go deeper until I did.  Fortunately, this paid off.  I found a Worm Hole going to a Low Sec system that was only 2 jumps out of High Sec and less than 30 from home.


Which is what I said in corporate chat, to which I received a replay that was something along the lines of “Isn’t that the ability to oppress people who are weaker than you?”

I guess that could be true for some people

Anyway, Moral of the story is that it was taking me far too long to scan for… anything really.  I was stuck in WHS for 2 days!  I’m going to work on upgrading my scanning abilities, like yesterday!

Seriously, I already started yesterday.

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