Un-Voluntary Time Away

In the past two months, a lot has happened to me; little to none of it involving EvE, sadly to say.  An event as of yet, I cannot say that I am back.

The first major thing that happened to me was that I bought a house; not rented but bought.  Not some pissy little starter home but a full sized house with more than just a postage stamp under it too.

I don’t have the internet hooked up to my home computer yet and even though I have a new laptop at work, it still is not up the task of running EvE as it should be run.  I have been able to get on and update my skills but as for creating a new character portrait, forget that.  Make one small change and wait 30 seconds for the model to update. No thank you.  This coming weekend I’ll be running Ethernet lines through my house and my home computer will be connected to the world once again.  Until then I can only think and wonder about what Sarnel will actually look like and how I will have to reorganize all of my PI stuff due the changes there.  It is my hope that once I get some wiry goodness in place I’ll be able to get back into the swing of posting. I even missed two blog banters; which is incidentally the only real person traffic I get on this blog. 😦

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