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The undeniable truth is that real life will always take precedence over the game. If that is not true for you, seek help. Over this past weekend. I began the process of installing Ethernet in my “new” home.

I know what your probably thinking: why Ethernet? Why not just go wireless? Two reasons: my connections isn’t that great as it is just a DSL line because Fiso and Xfiniti are apparently not available in my area. Suck. And the place in my house that makes the most sense to have my wireless router doesn’t lend itself well to where my desktop is.

Continuing; so I ran the line for my Xbox as it was a shorter run and I wanted to make sure I was able to at least get one device connected over the weekend (remember the first sentence of this post). That went smoothly and the connection was perfect (for DSL).  The second was going to my desktop computer in a new part of the house which only has a crawl space under it.  I climb into the crawl space and I begin to investigate the wall that I wanted to install my ethernet outlet on… inaccessible do to over packing of the foundation head.

Three of the four walls in this room are the same way, the only that is accessible is on the opposite side of room and also has the door to the room in it and a wide closet. Suck.  Oh well, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  I hope to find a bit more time this coming weekend to finish this little project and get back into New Eden.  For the time being I have 14 days left on my current skill; which is cloaking 5 if you wanted to know.  My next skill to train is torpedo specialization to at least 4.

For all you “hardcore” gamers out there using wireless internet, best of luck to you.  Let me know what it’s like to feel your ship blow up and not know why.

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