I Have Made up my Mind

I have been considering this topic for a while now and there are a considerable number of factors that have gone into it not just the decision it-self but the ramifications of the decision as well.

I have decided that I am going to own a Play Owned Station (POS) and not just any station but a large one at that.  The purpose of this station is going to be for research and development only.  I use the word “only” pretty loosely mind you but that is the general point. 

I have become fascinated with the whole Blue Print (BP) thing in EvE.  As of yet we really can’t make truly unique items but we can greatly affect the making of the items we use.  I’ve come to call this, BP quality.  To create a BP of higher quality first you need a non-original which requires research, then if you want to reduce the amount of materials that BP uses to create a given item you need to do more research.  If you want to reduce the amount of time it takes to create a given item, you need to do even more research.

If anyone has tried to do research in an NPC station they’ll know that it’s painful.  High-sec stations are jammed for months, Low-sec stations aren’t any better off.  I had to travel 13 jumps in Null-sec to find a research facility that had less than a 3 week waiting period.  And once I decided to bite the bullet and make some BP copies, they took almost 3 weeks by them selves (granted I was making 20 of them)

So I’m going to build my-self a “little” research facility in Low-sec space.  I found a little traveled 0.1 system with all of the planetary resources to keep my station active.  No ice belts though but I’ll probably just grit my teeth and purchase those though… I don’t like mining more than I don’t like paying for things.

I also don’t want to have to deal with the whole “scrambling for resources cause I forgot I was going to run out of uranium today”; so I’m also planing on stockpiling a whole years worth of fuels in a nearby NPC station with a dedicated industrial ship (probably a mammoth) and a jump clone (cause it’s just far enough away and deep enough into Low-sec that my day could get really bad really fast).

I will keep my progress up-to-date here; maybe I’ll even keep quantity tallies… Eh, I’ll decide on that later.

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2 Responses to I Have Made up my Mind

  1. evehermit says:

    Use a tool like My POS (you should find a link at http://www.cassandraslight.com/ ) to calculate how much fuel is required for your POS. Before PI days it cost me around 30 Mil a month to run a small POS. From memory that doubles for a medium, and doubles again for a large. When I checked some months after PI was running, the cost had doubled. I am not sure what it is now, but it might be worth checking before deciding on a Large. Good luck though, it is a nice sort of Goal to chase after in EVE.

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