Man I suck

I haven’t post in more than a month; again.  Yes I am still playing EvE.  No, it isn’t as much as I would like it to be.  As much as I like living in a real house with property around it; it’s taking up a boat load of my time.  Couple that in with having a baby on the way, I am actually surprised that I do get to play as often as I do.

POS update:

I’m still working on that, all-be-it slowly,  I have decided to stock pile fuels before I anchor a POS.  I’m still shooting for a large of some sort and to pile up about a years worth of fuels as I’m a huge procrastinator and my POS would probably run out of something every month otherwise.

I’ve decided to take a hit on my income and not sell my PI stuffs and keep if to help bolster my stock piles.  In addition to that the whole agent nerf has work to my advantage and I’m able to pull in more ISK in a more convenient place also to help bolster my stock piles.  Running missions is more fun now, knowing that I’ll always get to blow something up.


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