That’s Craaaazy!

The Majority of the EvE Blogging community is in an up roar; regarding topics that all seem to revolve around Incarna.  In fact some of my most favorite blog writers have emo-rage-quit the game because of what has been happening. Part of me needs to ask; Why? But I’ve read their blogs and I know why they are leaving.  It’s the web of lies that CCP has spun upon us in terms of their goals for micro-transactions.

The idea of Pay-to-Win is not something that sits well with me; Meaning that other than a monthly subscription I cannot justify spending addition money on a virtual world. Therefore I won’t; it’s as simple as that.  They can charge as much as they want for vanity or advantage items; I really don’t care.  It’s when they begin to offer items and/or services that cannot be acquired in any other way but through micro-transactions; that is when I have a problem with it.

They’ve given us the ability to pay for our subscription with in-game currency why not be able to pay for anything with in-game currency.  This Aurum thing is just a shame though.  For several years now we have been able to convert PLEX to ISK or vice-versa.  The two things that PLEX is good for is Game Time and ISK. One for the other, the other for one. But now converting a PLEX to Aurum is a one way street. You can no longer exchange that currency.  You can’t even directly convert ISK to Aurum.  But CCP says that eventually the items available in the Nobel Exchange will filter onto the market, so Aurum will be indirectly convertible to ISK just as ISK is indirectly convertible to Aurum.  PLEX, ISK and now Aurum are all constant currencies in the EvE universe; why not make then all directly trade-able.

It is understandable that different societies in the world, or a universe in our chase, would have divergent currencies and those currencies are always directly exchangeable.  Why must we jump through hoops to change ISK to Aurum and the less stable change from Aurum to ISK.

This is such a f#(&*^% head ache.  I can’t wait to see what CCP does with this mess that has been generated.

Long story short;  If some moron wants to spend a couple hundred dollars on a Battleship and its fitting then not train the skills required to do it right and he/she just so happens to quit the game because they just blew $200 on an internet fireworks display; that is not my problem.  That person should have realized that this is still EvE; it is a place where money does not decide who wins and who looses.  EvE is a place where those who think first and act quickest win.  Putting all the money you want into the game isn’t going to make you smarter or faster. It only makes CCP richer; and if that happens then maybe they’ll start fixing all that crap they have been telling us that they would fix.

Here’s to dreams!

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