Props to me… accept not really

As you may or may not know, I joined a new corporation which just so happens to reside in W-Space.  Last night I was able to hop on earlier than I am usually able.  I find my corp-mates in the process of scanning in our Static C4, then in a C2 then a C3.  Nothing much going on then out of nowhere over coms comes “Noctis & Tengu on D-scan!” less than a minute later one of my corps resolves the Noctis to be in one of the Signatures he had already book marked. Two corpies jump back home and I join their fleet in my Hound.  After I copy all the bookmarks from our shared can, I start the one, two, three jumps to where the Noctis is cleaning up.  D-scan shows that the Noctis and Tengu are still in the same location.  Fantastic! The three of us warp in at range and pause… Where’s the Tengu? Is it possible that he might have seem us on D-scan for the 0.28 seconds one of us was visible? Did he cloak? is the Noctis bait? Does he/she realise that there are 3 of us in Stealth Bombers? … the tengu is still on D-scan.  He can’t be cloaked, they must not have wanted to risk the sleepers popping the Noctis so it’s strictly on clean up duty.  Wonderful!

A plan is hatched; one moves to scram the Noctis, One blows it up and the last hides in wait for when the Tengu comes to avenge.  When executed, the scram didn’t even seem to be needed.  One volley from the each of us disintegrated the Shields, Armor and Hull of the Noctis.  Didn’t even use bombs just torpedoes’.  The capsule gets away which is fine by me as I’m not one to look forward to carry off a frozen corpse.

I have to admit that I was very satisfied with the total damage that I inflicted in my first ever PvP kill.  After which, I feel like this was somewhat hollow as this pilot really never had a chance.  Those feels don’t last too long though as a realize we are still waiting for a ship that is no longer on D-scan.

My Cloaky friend remains just that, my other friend cloaks and waits and I begin to loot the wrecks of first the Noctis; my hold is full before I even have a change to look at the sleeper wrecks that the Noctis pilot didn’t get to salvage… Still Orbiting, no Tengu.  The capsule is also gone from D-scan and the systems outer most planet is only 9 AU.  There are three WH in this system and we know that they did not come from our homes direction.

We split up; I take one WH, one takes the other and one stays at the place the Noctis died just in case we missed a WH and they come back.  No need for that though as soon as I jump through my WH D-scan shows 7 towers, 1 force field, 1 capsule and 1 Tengu.  A somewhat quick manipulations of D-scan puts them at the first moon of the eighth planet.

I warp in at 100 Km and watch as they both log off… well that’s it for tonight then.

Good Night!

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2 Responses to Props to me… accept not really

  1. pjharvey says:

    Congratulations on your first kill! I hope you get many more.

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