The thing about campers is

The thing about campers is that they usually are pretty unfamiliar with the place that they are camping. If they are familiar with it then they’ll probably go more boldly into an area and do some serious looking around instead of sitting on their collective asses waiting for me to show myself.

Last night we got a Hi-sec connection. When opportunity knocks, you answer. We had about 3 billion in goods that needed to be sold and limited time and mass to do it in.  I offered my assistance in moving things around but that would have required me having access to hangers I don’t current have access to.  I can understand being less than a month old in this Corp (and me telling them, when they hired me, that I’d steal from them if they turned out to be a bunch of jerk or jerk offs) that they would want me to prove myself a bit more before giving me access to countless sub-systems and T3 hulls.

It was also kind of pointless to do any scanning as the Hi-sec connection was the last signature available to our scanners.  Our static C4 had nothing in and honestly I just didn’t have it in me to scan.  So I went out into Hi-sec to buy some skill books, as luck would have it we were in a 1.0 system with a school in it, bonus!  I bought about 20 books and headed back to our wormhole.  Once on the other side I cloaked up and start moving off the wormhole back to k-space.

When I was about 200km out a shit appeared on the overview and then disappeared just as quickly.  I was in the process of informing the movers to stop where they were for the moment when 3… 4… 6… 8… 9 ships appeared.  At this point I’m almost shouting over coms to get safe and stay safe.  Also at about this point my wife come into the room to chat… I’ll just say that my wife is probably the most understanding woman in the whole universe because I was back to information gathering in under two minutes.

Megathron, Onyx, Drake x2, Purifier, Dramiel, Tengu x2 and Bhaalgorn.  Two corp-mates reported a different ship in two different areas so we were looking at about 11 assailants… all Russian.  Those guys have eyes everywhere it seems as we had been moving stuff for only about 15 minutes.

Anyway, the Onyx bubbled the WH.  Thankfully I got the word out before anyone tried to jump in.  Some pilots were stranded out in Hi-sec, but the pilots that were home traded for cloaky ships and join me at my vista distance view of their camp.  We began mustering a force to oppose them but we just didn’t have the pilots.  The guys out in Hi-sec began buying and fitting ships that they could jump home with in a two prong style attack but the numbers were just not coming out favorably enough for us to try.

We noticed that they were scanning with Sister Core Probes… so I guess that they might not have been looking for us but some quick ISK.  If that was the case though then why the Dramiel? Why the Onyx? The Bhaalgorn? The shit configuration for sleeper pew pew?  Crazy Russians.  That’s all I can say.  It wasn’t going to do them any good anyway as we had just polished off all of our signatures and anomalies.  We keep on top of that stuff, why do you think we had 3 B-isk worth of stuff we needed to sell?!  So the joke was on them; all of our pilots were in cloaked death and all they could do was “stick out thumb, insert into butt-hole”

I wound up having to log off due to Real Life reasons before I could witness any sort of resolution… I was pushing my wifes level of understanding after an hour of me saying “Just five more minutes!”  She really is awesome though!

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  1. Does your wife read your blog? Mine does.

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