In anticipation

With CCP’s history of lateness and with the sudden “we’re not doing the update as schedule” I’ve made a point to stretch out my skill queue for as long as possible. I may get to play a bit Friday night and/Saturday morning but life is looking busy over the next week or so. The last thing I want to happen now is for CCP to update the game during the limited amount of game time I have and then find myself not training and unable to rectify that.

I’ve wanted to try out strategic cruisers for a while now but didn’t want to wait for Minmatar Cruiser to get to V. Now seemed like good motivation to train the 20 plus day skill.

The Loki looks awesome in the configuration that I picked out. When I can actually fit one I’ll post a picture.

About my Maelstrom; it preformed fantastically! My Corp made some great pointers on shield modules and rigs plus the eight Large projectile turrets put a good hurting on the sleeper battle ships. However sleeper cruisers were hit or miss, sleeper frigates were a whole bunch of just miss. I didn’t thank that I would be able to do anything about frigate so that’s no surprise but I thought that I’d be putting a bigger hurt on the cruisers. Obviously a refitting is in order; with eight turret slots I have a world hurt to explore.

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