There are no two ways about it, my scanning skills suuuUck! But I am getting better at it. Understanding the difference between the different types of scanning probes and their proximity to one another which results in the object being found.

Last night I was actually having a good time scanning. Our system had three wormholes, one ladar sight, one gravimetric sight and three anomalies. If this is any indication about how poor my scanning skills are; it took me almost an hour and a half to scan down the five signature. After about an hour in, me not realizing how long I’ve been scanning, I can’t figure out why all my probes just disappeared.

Yes, I know, I’m smrt.

I had plenty of probes with me so no big deal. I hope my Corp-mates thank me in the morning! Scanning really isn’t that bad. Once my skills get higher and I upgrade my probe to a cheetah (or maybe a probing Loki?) life will be sweet.

Also, getting a better understanding of the description about wormhole. They aren’t as mysterious as they were about a month ago. I don’t have the feeling each time I jump through one I’ll never make it back anymore.

But anyway, hooray for scanning better!


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2 Responses to Scanning

  1. Daronyu says:

    I was a terrible scanner in the wormholes. I ended up getting stranded in Wormholes I stumbled across and couldn’t find a way out for days, having to ask my corp mates to come save me.

    Go into a wormhole that isn’t occupied by any friendlies alone. That always gets the blood pumping ;).

    • Sarnel says:

      Yes, the first ever wormhole I found and enter collapsed less then a minute after I passed through it. My scanning ability was even worse then than it is now. I was panicking and kept on thinking “I don’t want to have to explode myself just to get out of here.” I think spent almost a week in there. If it wasn’t a week; it certainly felt like it.

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