Woo Hoo!!

So after several days, 23 jumps and 3 Wormhole systems; I’ve finally made it to the home of my new Corporation. It was late and only one other dude was on but I made it! After pulling into the force field and looking at all of the snazzy stuff that is now available to me; I couldn’t help but think, “neat!”. And then I went to bed.
Tonight is a bust for EvE time cause of my personal life. Tomorrow will probably be a bust as well, again cause of my personal life but Saturday. Oh yeah that’ll be a good day… At least until the evening when my personal life pops in again.

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W-Space… Sure I’ll give it a try!

I must have A.D.D.  I need to be doing something different every day or I tend to get bored.  PI was awesome when it first came out but when I finally understood the basics and had everything working well.  CCP changed it on me and I had to start over, a couple more days of fiddling and a petition later, it’s no longer a priority.  CCP made find and getting missions from agents more easy. I thought “Hooray! I don’t need to transport my loots anymore.  I can just mission in my home system!” Until I started doing the same mission over and over and over again.  Missioning was always a lonely jog anyway.  We got to play with a really incredible character creator; Sarnel has never been more beautiful in her current iteration (this is her fifth).  Now that we have Incarna; she looks like she has shelf boobs. 😦 Sad face.

I took a break to think about what I wanted out of my entertainment experience.

1. I wanted to be able to interact with people in a community effort.

2. I wanted to be able to make ISK while doing so

3. I didn’t want to know what the next day was going to bring.

This set of criteria completely eliminates High-sec; as there are very defined rules on how any operation can be conducted. This also eliminated Low-sec as it is just High-sec’s unruly little brother.  Slightly more free but still limited in how I’m allowed to move.  Null-sec… Sov and lag warfare. I’m going to have to say no to that.

So what does that leave me to go? W-Space! You need to work as a group out there; the adventures are difficult and the player threats are unknowns.  At the end of the day your whole corp comes home at the risk of being as lost as EvE can make you.  The ISK potential abounds in W-Space regardless of what you do there.  Anomalies, Signature Sights, PI, Mining, “ratting” or PvP all hold great potential rewards.  I must stress Potential, I cannot stress it enough.  Lastly it’s unknown space; every day you don’t know who is going to be one jump away.  You could find more emptiness, the largest fleet you’ve ever seen or anything in between.

So I have left my long dead Mercenary Corporation and joined an existing Wormhole Corporation. From the short amount of time that I have gotten to spend with this new group of individuals has certainly been entertaining to say the least.  In short I was accused of being a Corporation Infiltrator and my digital genitals were shaved.  This is going to be one awesome ride!

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Man I suck

I haven’t post in more than a month; again.  Yes I am still playing EvE.  No, it isn’t as much as I would like it to be.  As much as I like living in a real house with property around it; it’s taking up a boat load of my time.  Couple that in with having a baby on the way, I am actually surprised that I do get to play as often as I do.

POS update:

I’m still working on that, all-be-it slowly,  I have decided to stock pile fuels before I anchor a POS.  I’m still shooting for a large of some sort and to pile up about a years worth of fuels as I’m a huge procrastinator and my POS would probably run out of something every month otherwise.

I’ve decided to take a hit on my income and not sell my PI stuffs and keep if to help bolster my stock piles.  In addition to that the whole agent nerf has work to my advantage and I’m able to pull in more ISK in a more convenient place also to help bolster my stock piles.  Running missions is more fun now, knowing that I’ll always get to blow something up.


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I Have Made up my Mind

I have been considering this topic for a while now and there are a considerable number of factors that have gone into it not just the decision it-self but the ramifications of the decision as well.

I have decided that I am going to own a Play Owned Station (POS) and not just any station but a large one at that.  The purpose of this station is going to be for research and development only.  I use the word “only” pretty loosely mind you but that is the general point. 

I have become fascinated with the whole Blue Print (BP) thing in EvE.  As of yet we really can’t make truly unique items but we can greatly affect the making of the items we use.  I’ve come to call this, BP quality.  To create a BP of higher quality first you need a non-original which requires research, then if you want to reduce the amount of materials that BP uses to create a given item you need to do more research.  If you want to reduce the amount of time it takes to create a given item, you need to do even more research.

If anyone has tried to do research in an NPC station they’ll know that it’s painful.  High-sec stations are jammed for months, Low-sec stations aren’t any better off.  I had to travel 13 jumps in Null-sec to find a research facility that had less than a 3 week waiting period.  And once I decided to bite the bullet and make some BP copies, they took almost 3 weeks by them selves (granted I was making 20 of them)

So I’m going to build my-self a “little” research facility in Low-sec space.  I found a little traveled 0.1 system with all of the planetary resources to keep my station active.  No ice belts though but I’ll probably just grit my teeth and purchase those though… I don’t like mining more than I don’t like paying for things.

I also don’t want to have to deal with the whole “scrambling for resources cause I forgot I was going to run out of uranium today”; so I’m also planing on stockpiling a whole years worth of fuels in a nearby NPC station with a dedicated industrial ship (probably a mammoth) and a jump clone (cause it’s just far enough away and deep enough into Low-sec that my day could get really bad really fast).

I will keep my progress up-to-date here; maybe I’ll even keep quantity tallies… Eh, I’ll decide on that later.

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I Wish I had found this Before I Pew Pewed

Pew Pew almost seems insulting to torpedoes but it’s all the same pew pew.

The following movie is some thing that I came across on YouTube while looking for any new videos about Dust 514.  This however is definitely not new as it has over 100,000 views and was posted back in 2007.

Ideally I would have liked to embed the video on this page so as to no force readers to other website but I am a cheap skate and I don’t pay for this blog so I don’t have the ability to do that… yet.  Anyway, here is that link and I hope you enjoy it.


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PI and Other Stuff

Planetary Interaction Update:

Over the weekend I was able to play around a bit with the new Planetary Interaction (PI) system.  I have to admit, my first impression of the system was that it had far more quirks than the old system.  Some of the things that I’ve noticed are as follows:

  1. Each planets interaction seemed to use more power than it had in the past.
  2. Each successive program completion yielded lower resources than the last in the same time frame.
  3. Re-starting the extractors took less clicky clicky
  4. However each extractor restart took more time to balance
  5. The rate of extraction per hour over the period of the program seems to change after the “install program” button is clicked.

Number one:  With the first system I was able to maintain a relatively balanced number of extractors to processors.  Meaning, ideally, my extractors would remove from the planet the exact amount that the processors could handle during one cycle.  I the real scheme of things it’s impossible to get the two to exactly match each other.  I aimed to get close though; typically I would extract a bit more than what the processors could handle and just let it build up in a warehouse or launch pad and the processors would take care of it later.

My issue with the new system is that for the same extraction period I had to reduce my number of processors by one to accommodate an additional extraction head.  The extractor control unit plus the extractors themselves were using more power than they used to.  This is somewhat frustrating; Number two is also frustrating but it somewhat explains my extraction issues.

Number two:  Without changing the extraction period, locations of the heads or the number of the heads; the total units extracted is reduced from period to period.  It makes sense that such a thing would happen as no one location as infinite resources to be removed but the change is quite significant.  To balance out my system I needed to reduce my extraction period from 26 hours to 18 hours.

Number three:  To simply restart the extraction process it’s just a couple clicks for each planet and they are back up and running.

Number four:  Restarting the extractors is easy but making sure the system is balanced is very important to me.  Sometimes it can take a little while to move extractor heads and play with the extraction period to get things to where you want them to be.  If an area becomes depleted then moving the entire operation to a new location on the planet is a very time consuming and click intensive process.

Number five:  More often than not, once I have a system balanced and I click the “Install Program” button then the “Submit” button the total extraction rate per hour changes.  I first noticed this when I was checking a planets launch pad container as I forgot to calculate my fill rate (Story for another day) and not all of the processors were operating; I brought up the extraction program screen and sure enough, the total extraction rate was several thousand lower than what it was when I had left it.  On another occasion my launch pad container was much fuller than it should have been so again I checked the extraction program screen and the extraction rate was several thousand higher than it should have been.  Granted that was a better situation than the former but still not ideal.

After these two observations I started checking all of my planets at some point in the period to see what was happening and low and behold most of them were off.  Not as much as the two examples above but still off.

Conclusion: The five points mentioned above are the only parts of the system that I can remember at this current time and I realize that it sounds like a lot of complaining; but, I actually like the new system much better than the old one.  Does it have it quirks?  Sure it does!  But so did the old one.

The new system provided much great flexibility to the individual and their time frame as you can set and tailor your PI to work on your time scale as opposed to the other way around.

The Other Stuff Update:

I was reading about scanning the other day and during that process and some experimentation, I found out that the D-Scanner isn’t dependent upon the direction the ship is point but were your field of view is pointing.  This explains sooo much.  I had all but given up on D-scan for anything other than 360 degree scanning as I know now that I’ve been doing it wrong; or at the very lease using it poorly.

Global Criminal Timer (GCT):  something else I tried for the first time this weekend was to see what it would take to smash a POS.  As I was in low-sec I wasn’t worried about the GCT as Concord doesn’t operate in low-sec.  I was by my-self during this operation as it was just an experiment; I found an offline POS with a several million worth of stuff anchored around it.  I targeted the control tower and started to fire.  A message popped up on the screen and I read it three times to make sure I was reading it correctly.  It specifically said that I would be attacked if I returned to high-sec while the GCT was active.  Thinking I was in the clear I clicked ok and started firing for real.  After about half an hour of less head way than I thought that I would make I gave up.  I resigned myself to the fact that I would need help to bust up POS’s.  I need to log so I selected the nearest station and hit dock, when I landed on that station, my permission to dock was denied as I was a criminal.  Suck, but oh well.  I selected a safe spot and started to fly towards it.  Before I could align and warp, I popped.  The stations guns got me… so much for only being attacked if I return to high-sec.

Lesson learned.  Hard learned.

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This is Pretty Sad

I have participated in 3 Blog Banters at this point in time.  Not a very extensive list by any stretch, considering we are now on #25.  But anyway, I just realized that I have ended all of the titles of my Banters with questions marks.  It’s so sad.

I’ve also noticed that I tend to end my normal posts with “…”; I need to be more aware of the habits I’m getting into so that I can get right back out of them.

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