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I Have Made up my Mind

I have been considering this topic for a while now and there are a considerable number of factors that have gone into it not just the decision it-self but the ramifications of the decision as well. I have decided that … Continue reading

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PI and Other Stuff

Planetary Interaction Update: Over the weekend I was able to play around a bit with the new Planetary Interaction (PI) system.  I have to admit, my first impression of the system was that it had far more quirks than the … Continue reading

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PI Update

I actually have not done much in the way of Planetary Interactions since the last time I spoke about it, but I would like to share some observations about my endeavours. I now have four planets all in one system in … Continue reading

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Blog Banter #21: Change?

This will not be an easy task to say the least; it will require a complete overhaul of the “crafting” system. And it has the potential to reshape every facet of the EvE we know and love. Continue reading

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EvE Market Place

With the introduction of Planetary Interaction (PI) we have been given a massive amount of new commodities to trade and use for manufacturing.  There are currently 5 grades of products that can be produced for PI: Raw Materials, Processed Materials, … Continue reading

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Geeking Out on EvE

Today, I totally greeked out on EvE.  I asked myself the question “How would one determine their Skill Points per hour?”  This was something that I could have probably looked up but I love math so I decided to figure it out … Continue reading

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