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The thing about campers is

The thing about campers is that they usually are pretty unfamiliar with the place that they are camping. If they are familiar with it then they’ll probably go more boldly into an area and do some serious looking around instead … Continue reading

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I need to Upgrade my Scanning abilities… For Realzies.

Well well well,  haven’t I been away for some time now?  RL work has been heavy due to cut backs and Home life has been stressed cause me and the wife are trying to buy a house so that hasn’t … Continue reading

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Death :-( Almost

Over the weekend I was able to play the game more than I have been able to in recent history.  And surprise surprise, we were being camped again.  This time it was only by one guy (and I use guy … Continue reading

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Surprised my Socks Off! … and other stuff

Last night I log in to find about a half dozen War Target in system with me.  No surprise there, considering that past few days.  I was in my thrasher again, (I do enjoy my little destroyer) but I wasn’t … Continue reading

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